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As a Doctor you strongly contribute towards the society each day of your life. And, you beautifully fulfill the role of being a contributor by shouldering the responsibility both at work and towards your family's sacred goals.

Hence you deserve to create and live the best desired life for yourself. As medical professionals you have been helping your patients lead a healthy life.

Now is the optimum time to visualise your future goals and aspirations and plan for a healthier financial life. That will provide clarity, confidence and direction for a better financial future.

Risk and You :

As you thread this journey there are rewards and some risks too. But, is the risk limited only to you and your profession? Unfortunately your family also assumes it involuntarily!!! Hence, it is important to ring fence/ secure your family's sacred goals.

As per the existing norms/laws a practicing Doctor is exposed to a lot of risks.

Risk of possible attachment by:

  • Income Tax authorities
  • Various Government bodies
  • Litigation from patients( Medical negligence act)
  • Other Litigations ( Family disputes etc)

If any of the above mentioned events occur, it could wipe off saving of a lifetime. At times, the impact of the same is painful for the family of a practicing Doctor.

Solutions :

  • Customized Risk Management Solutions
  • Customized Professional Indemnityt Solutions

Tax Savings Solutions :

  • Employer Employeet Solutions

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